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Residence R9 Windows


Residence 9 is a new window system designed to replicate the 19th century flush sash timber window. It can be considered for use in Conservation Areas due to its authentic appearance. This authentic design is also appealing to any homeowner who wants a top end luxury window brand. It can accommodate 28mm double glazed or 44mm Triple glazing with market leading thermal and acoustic performance. It achieved one of the highest classifications on weather test due to its robust design. It is hand finished and made by craftsman.



•Improved Thermal Insulation

•Save Money on heating bills

•Highly effective for noise reduction

•Provide additional Security

•Retain the external Character of your property.



•Modern Composite Material

•Virtually maintenance free

•44mm Triple Glazing available

•Easy clean rebates foiled in the same colour.

•Authentic butt hinges

•Handles available in Monkey Tail and Peardrop design





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Residence 9